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Online loans are a frequently discussed topic. Even with the best management and planning, you may easily consider using these services. Borrowing money is not a shame. After all, a trivial payout delay can get you into trouble. The day will complicate your broken car, in the envelope, you will be surprised by the higher bill of services. It is always better to pay sudden expenses on time, avoid unpleasant reminders, avoid high penalties and maintain your reputation for good payment discipline. Balancing a small loan will then return to financial balance.

Direct payday lenders online: Investigate our loans


Any search and comparison of loans should always be preceded by a critical consideration of the need to take the loan. If this is only a bridging period, then you do not risk. You will pay the receivables in time and settle the loan without any major restrictions. However, in times without sufficient savings, it would be short-sighted to borrow for luxury gifts, the latest electronics, or an exotic holiday. Our online payday loans are designed to help you in bad times, so you could try this out. Easily balance your budget and bounce on.

Navigate the menus

If you are considering a loan, take some time to explore the current options. Not only yours but also presented by providers on the Internet. The market presents a number of options, by accidentally choosing the first online loan you can lose interesting benefits. Or unnecessarily complicate the situation.

Read reviews and browse the web

Of course, everyone can contribute to the Internet, show positive reviews as well as rely uncritically on the services provided or the quality of the goods. However, you can definitely get a basic idea from the level of the provider’s website and from a short review or review.

A trusted provider provides all the information in a clear and transparent way. It does not have to hide the conditions for granting a long-form loan or mark the conditions under the line.

In addition to well-arranged information, Donnie also offers an interactive calculator. By changing the amount considered, you will immediately get real numbers on the number and amount of future installments. You will objectively consider how much your budget will burden future repayments and decide on an acceptable option.

Do not compare interest, but the APR

Behind the acronym is the annual percentage rate of charge. At first glance, you will know how much you actually overpay the loan. Providers can use attractive small numbers for interest, but in the course of repayment you will encounter fees for account maintenance, loan approval, costs will increase even penalties for early repayment. The APRC clearly states all costs and is thus a more reliable guide.

Please also inquire about the options in case you are able to repay the loan early. The provider does not have to claim a penalty for early repayment, of course, its services are more advantageous.

How to request a mini loan with Financial Credit Institutions

The Financial Credit Institutions is one of the workhorses of many people who want access to financing. In this article we explain how to get a loan with Financial Credit Institutions.

Why financing with Financial Credit Institutions is possible

Why financing with Financial Credit Institutions is possible

First, and we believe it is important to say, Financial Credit Institutions does not prevent access to financing. Yes it is true that it makes it difficult but it is not a neutral file and also has a maximum prescription period of 5 years. These data that banks keep with each other have a preventive function to reduce the risk in operations. However, inclusion is subject to abuse, as we will explain. Many times, the gray areas are directly dark and the consumer is the one who loses.

The main problem is that, as a measure of pressure, many companies use the inclusion in the Financial Credit Institutions to collect doubtful bills. Although you can use the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (AEPD), the file can take years. Meanwhile, you will have practical problems for any type of financing, even if you have money. Certain companies know this and play with it to limit credit. In the case of traditional banking, having Financial Credit Institutions was equivalent to denying the operation. For this reason, alternatives emerged because the situation that originated was not reasonable.

Getting a mini loan with Financial Credit Institutions is therefore possible. It is only necessary to have the guarantee that you are going to pay and there are several ways to reach that certainty. Even if you are on the list for a real default, remember that in 5 years things can change a lot. For this reason, many people have appeared who facilitate financing under these conditions. Today, fortunately, you don’t have to pay a toll for life for being on that list where, perhaps, you shouldn’t be. We explain how you can get money instantly thanks to our company.

Get a mini loan with Financial Credit Institutions

Get a mini loan with Financial Credit Institutions

Once you have decided to ask for funding, check the possibilities. Online Loans Now offers several financing possibilities. Having Financial Credit Institutions, you can get an instant mini loan of up to 300 euros to be repaid in 30 days. If you are not in this situation, you have up to 15,000 euros at your fingertips to return in comfortable terms. The mechanics of operation are very simple because you just have to start by performing a simulation. In this way, you will know how much you have to pay and the return period. On the other hand, we must not forget that we comply scrupulously with Spanish legislation.

A mini loan with Financial Credit Institutions is a solution to meet reduced expenses that require a quick payment. Once you submit your application, we will study the possibilities and, in case of affirmative answer, you will have the money in 24 hours in your bank account. For these reasons, we tell you that accessible financing is possible. If you are looking for a credit of 300 euros without giving further explanations, this is an option. Online Loans You already work with several fast credit companies so that you get the one that best suits your circumstances.

How to find the best payday loan offers

When an unforeseen event occurs at the worst economic moment, you need money quickly and one of the fastest and easiest ways to get it is payday loans online. You can get 50 to 60,000 euros or more in a very simple way.

If you need up to 300 or at most 1,000 euros and plan to return them in a short time, the best option is to get a personal mini-credit. From MoneyGood we provide you with a great tool through which only by filling out a form we find you the best offers among all the online personal credit companies in the market.

Representative example of requesting urgent mini-credits : 200 euros at 30 days. Interest and fees: € 30. Total to return € 230; APR: 1,876%. What is the APR? equivalent annual rate, is used to compare interest or costs between different long-term loans. The APR is useful for comparisons of long-term loans, however, in very short-term loans, it does not have much logic as it does not allow these terms.

Another option to find your urgent payday loan is to compare in one of the hundreds of comparators that exist in the network, companies such as helpmycash, iahorro and others. They are websites with a lot of important information about each of the companies that exist, so you can select for yourself the one that may interest you most.

Do you need payday loans of more than 1,000 euros?

Do you need payday loans of more than 1,000 euros?

If you need more than 1,000 euros and want to return them in comfortable monthly installments we recommend companies like Bankate, with years of experience granting payday loans to individuals. It is an online financial company of proven quality and with millions of customers satisfied with its service.

How can I speed up the granting of my personal credit?

How can I speed up the granting of my personal credit?

To get the money you need as quickly as possible you have prepared the necessary documents that are normally:

  1. Your ID, NIE or NIF.
  2. A bank receipt that proves that you are the owner of the account you provide, and where you will receive the money.
  3. In some cases you will need to present a document that proves that you are receiving periodic income, it may be a payroll, pension, unemployment benefit, rental income of some property, etc.

When requesting a payday loan, after selecting the amount and the repayment term, you fill in a form with your basic personal data and you reach the final step, in which you will have to present some of these documents, if you have them ready you will accelerate the approval process of your particular credit.

Prestamosonlineya.com is a website that offers information on online loans from other companies. Our affiliate network offers fast micro loans up to 500 euros. Immediate response! fast credits of up to € 10,000, instant mini- credits or online mini- loans on the spot for consumption, without papers, only with ID, without payroll or guarantee.

SMS loan? Fast money in your account, come here!

If you have a permanent job, you will receive your salary on your account every month on the same day. Of course, all your fixed charges will be deducted from this immediately and then perhaps not much will be left. So it can happen that you are, for example, about to buy a new seat, but not much later you realize that you don’t have the means for this at all at that moment in the month. How do you fix that? With a personal loan of course! With this you almost immediately borrow a small (er) amount: handy if you want to make a quick purchase. Moreover, the Annual Cost Percentage is cheaper than with the now disappeared SMS loans.

Immediate money in your account

Immediate money in your account

At times when you just can’t take out your money or when there is a shortage, a mini loan can be a solution. A mini loan is a loan where you can often borrow up to a few thousand euros, but you have the guarantee that it will be in your account immediately. With certain lenders you used to have the option of texting, after which the money is deposited directly into your loan: an SMS loan. Such an account is usually repaid within a short period, which in turn has the advantage that the annual cost percentage is quite low.

Unfortunately, SMS loans are a thing of the past. A better option today is a personal loan. You can also take out a personal loan for a small amount, up to a few thousand euros. Personal loans are better than SMS loans because the APRs are more favorable. Therefore you pay a lower interest rate. The administrative costs for personal loans are also lower. In fact, it is good that SMS loans no longer exist, because personal loans are simply cheaper for you as a consumer!

Different providers

Different providers

You will not be able to take out a so-called personal loan with a bank quickly. However, independent lenders do offer this type of loan. On our site you can easily find an overview of all the different providers of such a loan. Moreover, you can immediately see what the minimum and maximum amount to be borrowed is and how much money you will spend on the annual percentage rate. These days the application can be arranged very quickly. Curious about the possibilities? Then it is always a good idea to simulate such a loan in advance without obligation. Then you immediately know where you stand.

Is a loan for student finance possible?

Studying is an expensive period in everyone’s life.

Studying is an expensive period in everyone

You have to deal with a lot of costs throughout the year. This ranges from purchasing material, study books to renting a room. As a student you often do not have the finances to pay for all this. The parents can help, but that is also not an inexhaustible source. Then a student loan is possible. How do you look for a bank for this and what should you look out for?

There are plenty of banks in our country, so you won’t have to look for that for too long.

There are plenty of banks in our country, so you won

A loan to finance a study is also possible. If necessary, start the search at your regular home bank. You already know the habits a bit there. Search for the right type of loan and then click to the loan simulation page. There you enter an amount that you wish to borrow and you can also choose the duration of the loan.

You can even choose the duration by having a slider determine the number of months. A longer duration means that you have to pay a lower monthly amount. Unfortunately it does mean that you will have to pay more costs. The other option is a lower number of months, then you pay more monthly but you also have to pay less costs. Both options therefore clearly have their advantages and disadvantages. The choice is yours.

Of course, a bank does not just give a loan, before you get it they want to know how you are doing financially. When you apply for a loan, you must first provide your financial details. Based on your income and expenses, they then look at the options. If you do not yet have any other fixed costs such as current loans, no problems can be expected. But you do need a permanent job anyway. So if your parents are responsible for the loan, they need a steady income to apply for a student loan.

If you perform a loan simulation, you will also see the costs.

If you perform a loan simulation, you will also see the costs.

The APR or annual cost percentage is already a clear indicator of how high or how low the costs will be. If your home bank does not have an interesting percentage, look further and perform simulations at other banks. Until you find the loan with the best conditions. Because then you pay the least per month.

If the application has been submitted and the bank has not seen any problems with your financial data, you can expect the loan on your account fairly quickly. From then on, the installment will also start. This is done automatically by direct debit for the entire duration of the loan. Every month the amount that you have seen during the simulation of your account. So getting a loan is fairly short-term and in some cases you don’t even have to get out of your house. Everything can be looked up and processed online.

Credit Card VS. Loan

Why ask for a personal loan if you already have your credit card? You have it at hand, just within reach of your wallet, you do not need to think about it much, and you are simply used to taking it out for simple things like going to the supermarket. Well now, to pay for your education, home improvement or even if you are an entrepreneur, you surely want to entrust that part to your great friend of life; The credit card.

Except you know it isn’t; It is a credit by the bank and not a friend at your fingertips. If you have been spending a lot with your card, you should know that it implies more than removing it as if nothing from your wallet, because order, budget and strategy are the tools that will save you from sinking into debt with something that looks like a simple plastic .

We do not tell you that the card is good or bad, it all depends on how it is used. Remember that your card is a pre-approved credit that sometimes suits you and sometimes it is better not. How to distinguish between my credit card and a personal loan as the best option? Take note!


Personal or productive?

Personal or productive?

The most important point is to distinguish whether your loan is personal or productive. A personal loan is when the end to which you use the money is a need that does not necessarily generate a profit. A productive loan could also be defined as an investment; When what you want is, for example, to buy equipment for your business or pay for education that will give you the tools to grow at work, it is a productive expense. The productive loan is an investment because as a result you will have profits that exceed the expense you already made.


Our recommendations?


For personal loans:

For personal loans:

Do you already have a budget? First things first, make sure you have the habit of taking note of income and expenses, only then will you know if you are ready or not to take your card out of the wallet. If you need to invest in tools for your home, such as appliances, television, computer for personal use, etc., it is advisable to pay with your card for months.


Don’t you make budgets?

What is not advisable to pay with the card? 

credit card

Goods that are not durable. For example, the super. Keep in mind that grocery shopping is something you have to do very often.

If every time you go to the supermarket you take out the card, immerse yourself in the amount of debts you are going to get into.Try not to eat a lot in restaurants or buy clothes every time you receive your salary, and when you do, do not take out your credit card.

The worst that can happen?

That when the day comes when you already finished the things you bought in the supermarket, or the blouse that you happily paid with your card has already worn out after two washes, you will probably continue paying for the goods that you do not even have.


When to go for a loan?

When to go for a loan?

This is a bit more complex. Remember that if you are disciplined with the expenses we discussed in the previous paragraph, when paying with your credit card you may not generate interest because you pay on time. But that is the challenge of credit cards: it is a game in which you may or may not be able to pay on time. It is important that you analyze your movements and possibilities to realize that on some occasions, you need a push.

The loans in Jacobline Financial are to help you pay on your own term. When you know that the circumstances are not optimal for you to pay on time at a bank, a loan is your option. That is why it is very important to maintain an excellent credit history, because with your credit bureau rating, you can assign the rate you deserve and it will help you to grow.


Productive loans:

Productive loans

Here you have another occasion in which we recommend% 100 go for a loan. If you have a business, don’t pay the expenses with your card! A loan becomes an investment to optimize your team that can generate even more profits. And the best part of this, don’t mix your personal finances with business finances.


Examples of productive loans are also to finance your education;

Examples of productive loans are also to finance your education;

If you plan to enter a part-time master’s degree or a professional diploma, a loan is an excellent option since you are having income, which gives you the possibility to pay it, and also remember that you choose the term in which to do it. You dare?

Borrow Money Private and From Individuals


Compare the loans that are available to you. Borrowing money as a private individual does not have to be expensive, you just have to make a good comparison. And know where you can best do this.

As a private individual you can easily go to your bank, but that is often expensive. The banks are known to ask for higher interest rates than other providers on the market. If you opt for a loan from your own bank, then you mainly opt for the convenience of a bank for all your banking matters. You do not necessarily opt for a cheap loan.

For a cheaper loan you better go to the price fighters. These are often other brands that use the same banks. The following brand names are well-known price fighters. With these providers you can often get loans with a lower interest rate than with the bank. These following providers can help you with this, they offer multiple quotes through different banks and providers.

Compare loans

Compare loans

To properly compare loans you look not only at the interest rate, but also at the type of loan. You can usually choose from a form of a maturing loan (personal loan) or a revolving loan (revolving credit).

A revolving credit often has a lower interest rate, but this type of loan does invite you to borrow more than you need. You can borrow unlimited up to the agreed limit. There is no fixed repayment schedule and you often only have to repay a certain minimum amount.

With a revolving credit you can borrow more money than you need without many problems. Moreover, you do not even have to withdraw all the money from your loan. The latter is a big advantage. For example, you can take out a loan of 5,000 euros with a lower interest rate, and you can only take out 2,500 euros. You will then be cheaper than if you take out a loan for 2,500 euros.

A personal loan often has a higher interest rate. But because you agree on a fixed amount with fixed repayments, you can be cheaper. This is because many people with a personal loan ultimately borrow less money than with a revolving credit. Also, repayment is often faster (due to the fixed schedule) and you end up spending less money on interest.

Borrow money from individuals

Borrow money from individuals

Apart from the banks and the price fighters, you can also go to special private platforms for a loan. Here you can apply for a loan that is financed by private lenders. The platforms register your loan, approve it and collect the money for you.

Repaying your loan is just the same as with a bank, you simply repay a fixed amount each month. This money is then returned to the account of the private lenders. They therefore invest in your loan. In these cases you can only apply for a personal loan.

A well-known of these types of platforms is Sendico. They have been around in the Netherlands for a few years and have arranged quite a few loans for private individuals in the Netherlands. This platform also exists in other countries, such as Germany. There it is a lot bigger and more famous than here. But there are also other platforms in the Netherlands.

Mortgage loan? No problem! Borrow money without a bank

Previously, before the 2008 crisis, you could take out a loan up to 120% of the value of the property that you wanted to buy. Nowadays, the bank usually asks that you use part of your savings. This is to your advantage, because borrowing more than your home is worth can put you in trouble! What if real estate falls in value, or if you lose your work? In the first case you have to pay more than your home is worth, in the second case you can no longer pay!

The bank therefore tries to limit its risk. The house that you purchase is therefore used as the value of your collateral. This means that if you do not pay off your loan, your home will be assessed and sold to pay off the loan. But no worries, this is only in theory, not normally practice!

What is a mortgage loan?

What is a mortgage loan?

A mortgage loan is actually another name for a mortgage. With a mortgage loan you can buy a house, apartment or building land with the home / building land itself as collateral. Giving something as collateral means that if you do not meet your payment obligations, the lender has the right to sell what you have given as collateral and to pay off the remaining debt with the proceeds. But of course it doesn’t have to come to that.

There is always a term attached to a mortgage loan. That used to be often 20 years, nowadays most people take out a mortgage with a term of 30 years. Depending on your income and other factors, the lender will make a proposal with regard to the precise term of the mortgage loan.

Each mortgage loan is calculated on the basis of a number of factors.

Each mortgage loan is calculated on the basis of a number of factors.

These include factors such as your income, or the joint income of you and your partner, but also your personal living situation and age.

There must in any case be a balance between the value of your collateral and the amount of the loan that must be provided. To achieve this balance, an execution value will be determined. This is the amount that the lender expects the collateral to yield in the event of a forced sale. Most mortgage lenders hold a percentage of 125% when determining the execution value of your maximum loan. However, it is always wise to seek personal advice from a mortgage advisor.

When can I get money with online credits?


On those occasions when you need fast money, you have already tried traditional ways such as asking a family member, friend or advancement at work. The bank does not grant you credit, those are the times when you may need to apply for a loan online.

In this article we will see what quantities we can request and what differences there are in the type of product in terms of requirements and documentation.

Credits under 1000 euros

Credits under 1000 euros

For these types of credits, commonly called mini-credits, we can request amounts from 50 to 1000 euros. In prestamosonlineya.com we have differentiated the following amounts for this range of amounts.

  • 100 euros credits
  • 150 euros loans
  • 200 euros mini credit
  • 250 Euro Credit
  • Advance of 300 euros
  • 500 euro credits
  • Quick loans of 1000 euros

From our website we manage your request among all the companies we work with and find those that can grant you the amount you need according to your financial and personal conditions.

In any case, we also offer you a credit comparator so that you can choose the one that suits you best.

These credits are easier to obtain than those of higher amounts.

The requirements to request credit of less than 1000 euros are minimum

  • Be of age
  • Have valid ID or NIF
  • Be a Spanish citizen or have a residence in Spain
  • Have an active and solvent account number
  • Not being in ASNEF, although some companies allow to be in ASNEF with debt less than 1000 euros
  • Sometimes you must show periodic income or guarantee with your vehicle.

Documentation for credits less than 1000 euros

  • ID photocopy
  • I receive that proves that you are the owner of the bank account you supply
  • Document proving income that can be payroll, pension, lease, unemployment benefit

Online loans of more than 1000 euros

Online loans of more than 1000 euros

This type of financial product works differently, usually amortized in monthly, biweekly or weekly terms, depending on the company with which we work.

The greater the amount, the more requirements we must meet, obviously.

They are more difficult credits to obtain, precisely because the necessary requirements are more exclusive.

It has the advantage of paying in monthly installments that normally you decide both amount and number of installments. This makes the return process more bearable.

For these amounts we have different associated companies, depending on the amount we select the one that we believe fits most in terms of requirements, commissions and interests.

The different amounts with which we work from Online Loans are already:

  • Up to 4,000 euros
    • 1,500 euros
    • 2,000 euros
    • 2,500 euros
    • 3,000 euros
  • Up to 60,000 euros
    • 5,000 euros
    • 6,000 euros
    • 60,000 euros

We work with different companies according to amount, and they can also change according to the conditions of each one in time, always trying to work with what we consider best.